Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations: The Institute

Every student of IIFA should strictly observe the following rules & regulations:

Students must equip themselves with a complete outfit of everything necessary for studies. They should bring their own materials such as drawing boards, colour paints, brushes, papers etc. Only certain necessary workshop items will be provided for workshop based assignments.

Students must attend classes on time and, under no circumstances, leave the classroom without the permission of the faculty. Irregular attendance may result in their names being struck off from the rolls.
A student will not be allowed to appear for the annual examination unless he/she fulfills 75% of attendance in a single academic year as required by the University.
Students should also satisfactorily complete in time and submit a minimum of 75% of class work.
Students should keep their desks clean and avoid mixing colours there on. Waste papers and rubbish should be consigned to the waste paper basket.
The reference library will be available only during working hours. Students found responsible for damaging books are liable to be fined.

Any student found disturbing the peace and routine of the Institute in its premises would be expelled. Any student found guilty for misbehavior or damaging the property of the Institute will be seriously dealt with as per rules depending upon the seriousness of the act committed.

Every student must have an identity card supplied by the Institute. Two passport sized photographs should be produced for the purpose.
The students must carry their ID cards while in the premises of the Institute and must produce them in the library or on demand by any member of staff.
Any misuse of the ID card will be dealt with severely.
If the ID card is lost, the concerned student should apply in writing within a week for a duplicate, which will be issued on payment of Rs. 20/-.
Since the Institute is affiliated to the C.C.S. University, the students are required to implicitly abide by the recommendations of the university with regard to the syllabus, scheme of examinations, system of examinations, award of sessional marks etc.
Admission fee as prescribed by the Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut.
Examination fee is charged as prescribed by the C.C.S. University, Meerut, to be paid separately at the time of submission of the examination form.
Medical examination is compulsory for all the students.
Materials should be kept in lockers provided for the purpose. The institute authorities are not responsible for the loss incurred by the students. A sum of Rs. 100/- is payable by each student for the locker as annual rent.
Annual study tour to the places of aesthetics and cultural interest is compulsory during the academic year.
Students staying in the hostel must strictly maintain the hostel discipline.
Any student desirous of making an appeal to the Governing Body on any score, should address their note to the President through the Director or Principal.
Ragging is strictly prohibited in the institute campus. Any act of indiscipline in this regard could make the student liable to be debarred from the institute and suitable necessary action would be taken by the institute's management.


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