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Arts for India

‘Arts for India', a charity registered in the United Kingdom (UK registration number: 1137824), was established in 2010 with a number of specific aims to support underprivileged yet talented young artists in India. The charity has also been launched in Switzerland and USA. (
Arts Of India

‘Arts for India’ has two main objectives:

To educate needy and deserving students from some of India's poorest families, enabling them to make their contribution to the world of art, fashion, film and design.
To create the ‘Universe of Art’ in Modinagar, NCR Delhi, that will include the first exclusive Fine Arts university of India, a museum and a centre for performing arts.

'Arts for India' also runs the 'Four-year Scholorship Programme', where the donor/sponsor gets the opportunity to sponsor one student artist through his/her 4-year degree programme at the International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA), India. 100 needy students benefit from this programme every year.

The charity has three educational partners - The International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA), India, the University of Arts London and the Prince's Drawing School, London.

‘Arts for India’ is committed to making it possible for deserving artists to achieve their potential with serious, first rate tuition and mentoring. We want to play our part in equipping India’s deserving artists of the future.

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