Textile Design: 4-yr Degree Course

The academic session commences from July every year in the discipline of Textile Design. The first year Foundation Course (common for all the disciplines), educates and trains the students in the fundamentals of all subjects in Drawing and Painting, Textile Design, Fashion Design and Applied Art. In the second year the B.F.A. student chooses one discipline to specialize over the next three years. The students in the final year can put to practice their education, gain invaluable work experience and make fruitful contacts with professionals in the related industry. The institute management methodically assists the students to explore the right opportunities in the related fields.

  1st year : Foundation Course   2nd year: Specialisation
Introduction to textiles
Color Theory & Color Composition
Basic weaves
2D & 3D Animation
Drawing & textile art work
Indoor & Outdoor Drawing & Sketching
Textile science
Still Life
Basic surface techniques
Geometrical Drawing & Perspective Drawing
Computer fundamentals
Silk Screen, Stencil Print
Dyeing and printing
Clay & Plaster Modelling
Basic design
Collage Painting & Print Media
Principles of design
History of Art in India
Fabric structures
Language: English / Hindi
Fashion illustrations
History of Indian textiles
Craft survey and documentation
Indian art history
Industry interface
  3rd year: Specialisation   4th year: Specialisation
Advance woven structures
Design project
Design development
Print design project
Home furnishing
Woven design project
Textile and market research
Dyeing, printing and finishing
Computer designing
Fabric costing
History of western textiles
Advance techniques in fabric development
History of textiles & fashion
Design development
Textile science - quality control
Design portfolio
Industry training
Textile quality
Graduation design collection
Computer designing - CAD
Project work
Industry training

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