Comfortable hostel facility for girls is provided. Boys are accommodated in the nearby paying guest residencies.

Rules & Regulations: Hostel

IIFA reserves the right of admission to residential accommodation.
Students are not allowed to consume any toxic material on the premises. Smoking is strictly prohibited in their rooms. Students of the opposite sex are not allowed to visit the hostel. Either of these may lead to expulsion from the hostel/institute.
Students are required to avoid any situation, which will cause inconvenience and hardship to other students or their neighbours.

Resident students are liable to be debarred from the hostel and the programme if they are found guilty of any of the following:

Any act of discipline, or misconduct of any sort, including ragging in the hostel or outside.
Default in payment of dues within the stipulated period.
Organizing noisy, indecent and undignified parties and inviting any unauthorized person to visit their rooms.
Repeated late reporting for the night as well as any act, which will cause embarrassment to the Institute/management, would be sufficient ground for being treated a breach of discipline.
The resident students would be provided with a single cot, writing table, chair and an almirah.
The residents shall not tamper with any electrical installations or any other equipment at the premises. If any damage is caused to any of the installations, the students shall be liable to pay the amount of damage plus appropriate fine.
For any matter of urgency/problems, the respective hostel warden should be contacted immediately.
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