International Links

The Royal Drawing School, London

Each year, four alumni from the School’s postgraduate level drawing year are sent for a three-month residency at IIFA, both as artists and as drawing tutors, working with the institute’s foundation-level students. For the Drawing School’s alumni this is an exciting and valuable opportunity to develop their artistic practice in a new and stimulating environment. It challenges them as drawing tutors to find ways of overcoming differences in language as well as in artistic and educational heritage to teach drawing from observation to a group of young students for whom this skill has not formed a significant part of their art education. For the students at IIFA, the residency is an opportunity to learn drawing from a group of talented young artists who have themselves been taught by the Drawing School’s distinguished faculty of practicing artists and who have developed their own teaching skills as tutors to the children attending the School’s Royal Drawing Clubs.

This unique international educational partnership expresses the determination of both organizations to provide a rich mix of opportunities for their students.


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